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About iSkinee

iSkinee is a new brand custimize stickers for Apple devices (iPhone 4/4S, 5, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air). We strive to create modern stickers with added value, that sets you apart among others. Stickers for favorable price, that you will love.

5 reasons why iSkinee stickers

  1. Customize your phone od notebook
  2. Scratch protection
  3. High-quality stickers
  4. Easy and repositionable application
  5. Created with love for Apple products

Our products

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How to apply

  1. Clean the surface your iPhone
  2. Use caution when removing the skin from the backing paper and avoid stretching any part of it.
  3. Carefully apple the skin to your iPhone making sure it lines up with the curves, camer and light parts.
  4. As you apply the skin to your iPhone, firmly press your skin from middle to the edges, pushing any air bubles out from under the skin. To make this easier, you can use a credit card or other plastic card. Be careful not to scratch it.
  5. If the skin does not line up correctly, carefully peel it off try again.


Do you like our products? Want to work with us? We have prepared for you few options cooperation:

  • WHOLESALE - Do you have shop or eshop and would you like to sell products iSkinee? Good choice!
  • YOUR OWN SKIN - Do you have your own brand and you would like the iSkinee sticker whith own procuct/service logo? We will create it!
  • DROPSHIPPING - Do you have eshop and you do not buy skins to stock? We have solution for you.

We have prepared attractive terms of cooperation. Contact us at hello@iskinee.com


Kreativka, s.r.o.
Předbranská 415
688 01 Uherský Brod
Czech Republic

E-mail: hello@iskinee.com
Phone: +420 608 049 606


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