Why we started iSkinee

We love beautiful things that are simple and useful so we are using products from Apple. We love great design and technical tweaks which are typical for their products and that is why they are above the competition. But do not like to fit into the average. We strive to always be a little different from others.

That is why we at first started to produce stickers on our the iPhones. Over time our friends notes our crazy iPhones and want the skins too. Therefore, we have decided that we will not let them for ourselves, but we will begin to produce it for others iPhone users and lovers.

We work hard to invent extraordinary skins that are different and attract attention. But it must not be distasteful or insipid. All skins are made in our workshop in the Czech Republic. Since the first graphic design, through printing, lamination of each piece to the cutting of skins. We make sure that the size of skins produced 100% seats on the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.

Later we thought also differentiate our MacBook and use it mostly glowing logo on the front. With a little of creativity, we create the first prototypes, which we stuck and we were really surprised. Laptop looked great and above all funny!

With backlight addition, we achieve a unique effect when the outline or shape of the entire sticker shines only those parts that are not taped. So you can meet with a Bat sticker, who lit eyes or shining symbol of radioactivity. Use small stickers so we changed the nature and perception of the whole computer. A break out from the average.

This is why we started iSkinee. Next time we will tell you more about Czech republic. And sorry for my poor English. I will ask for help to my friend :-)

Have a great time and enjoy New Year 2013!

Pavel Horalik from iSkinee