Stickers are made of special cast film, which is ready for extreme conditions and rough handling. After sticking remain firmly in place and protects your device from mechanical damage.
Sticker can be peeled off without her surface remains adhesive. You do not have to worry that it could cause damage to the underlying surface. More about how to stick and peel off stickers can be found in the relevant sections of our store.

Our stickers use new technologies cast polyvinyl chloride film. They are equipped with a special adhesive with integrated mikrokanálky that provide easy displacement of air between the surface and sticking a sticker. Sticking with it becomes extremely simple and convenient.

Stickers are made of paper, are characterized by sufficient flexibility and elasticity and thus easily adhere also uneven and inclined surfaces and can easily copy different curvature. Thanks to easily overlay the slight irregularities. This advantage can be particularly useful when overlapping the manufacturer’s logo on the lid of the laptop. If it is not too prominent, sticker covers him playfully.

Print stickers

All our motives undergo a thorough pre-press finish to every picture looked like in real life just as well as on our website.

The film is printed using a special printer that is able to transmit the desktop stickers from computers without the slightest loss of color quality. It is therefore to ensure color fastness printed motifs. To motif also sufficiently protected against abrasion, a cover sticker still shiny lamination foil with UV filter. Thanks to this, the surface of stickers, coloring, or her not to worry.

It will then go through all the stickers final treatment to the stickers carved into precise shapes that correspond to the selected device type.

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